Young Children in Humanitarian and COVID-19 Crises

Book Launch Event: March 19th, 2024

The long-term consequences of COVID-19 have been tough for children around the world, but even more so for young children already in humanitarian crises, whether due to conflict, natural disasters, or economic and political upheaval. Young Children in Humanitarian and COVID-19 Crises: Innovations and Lessons from the Global South (2024), edited by Sweta Shah and Lucy Bassett, investigates how organizations around the world responded to these dual challenges, identifying solutions and learning opportunities to help to support young children in ongoing and future crises. Drawing on research and voices from the Global South, this book showcases innovations to mobilize new funds and reallocate existing resources to protect children during the pandemic. It provides important evidence on understudied and overlooked vulnerable populations, recognizing that researchers from the Global South are best positioned to fill these research gaps, contextualize findings, and support the uptake and adoption of recommendations by local decision-makers and practitioners in those same contexts.

This online book launch event will feature speakers from Colombia, Philippines, Lebanon, Bangladesh, and South Africa as they discuss implications of the book’s findings for practitioners, policymakers, donors, researchers, and students interested in humanitarian contexts, early childhood development, and early childhood education.

This event is convened by the Georgetown University Collaborative on Global Children’s Issues in partnership with the Brookings Institution and the University of Virginia’s Humanitarian Collaborative.

Learn more about the event HERE.

Interested? Read the open source book HERE.

Photo courtesy of Julián Ruiz, IRC Colombia.