Protecting and expanding the legacy of Charlevoix

Humanitarian Collaborative has signed on to support the following letter to protect the Charlevoix Education Initiative in Canada:

In 2018, Canada led the G7 in bringing much needed attention to one of the most neglected, yet catalytic interventions of our time: providing quality education to the hardest-to-reach girls and women living in regions experiencing crisis and conflict. As Canada prepares to host the G7 again in 2025, solidifying the legacy of the Charlevoix Education Initiative is more crucial than ever. Without renewed commitment, we risk cutting short the education of millions of learners we began to reach through Charlevoix. Looking forward, the Prime Minister’s leadership in 2025 could spearhead global momentum in a bold new direction to expand the potential of education to prevent cycles of violence, help children heal and recover from crises, promote gender equality, and tangibly build a more sustainable peaceful and secure world for the next generation.

To read more about the initiative, click HERE.