Event: World Film Premiere of Oh Mercy: Searching for Hope in the Promised Land

Worldwide Documentaries is proud to present Oh Mercy- Searching for Hope in the Promised land, a documentary short about the plight and challenges of the forced migrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers trapped on the Mexican side of the US border, denied entry into the United States.

Oh Mercy gives a face and a voice to these children, women, and men who have been compelled to leave their homes in Central America by forces beyond their control, but have yet to find hope in the promised land to the north to which they have traveled in search of safety and freedom. Oh Mercy reaffirms the dignity of these thousands of people whose future remains uncertain, and makes the case for humane US immigration policies that will give real hope to those tired and poor for whom safety in the promised land is a dream yet unrealized. 

The much anticipated premiere of Oh Mercy will take place virtually on Zoom on Thursday, February, 25th, 2021 from 5pm to 6pm EST. The event will be hosted by the Refugee Services of Texas.

Please join us as we premiere Oh Mercy and host a panel discussion featuring Sister Norma Pimentel, Executive Director of Catholic Family Charities of the Rio Grande Valley; Oh Mercy Director Robert Bilheimer; Anjelica Xolxol, an asylum seeker from Guatemala; and a special guest to be announced soon. The panel discussion will be moderated by Development Director, Ashley Faye of the Refugee Services of Texas.

Worldwide Documentaries is proud to partner with the Refugee Services of Texas and the UVA Humanitarian Collaborative for the premiere of Oh Mercy.

Refugee Services of Texas is guided by the principles of human compassion and dignity, and welcomes refugees, immigrants, and other displaced peoples and supports them in integrating and thriving in their new communities. The UVA Humanitarian Collaborative supports interdisciplinary, action-oriented research and engagement on the world’s pressing humanitarian and development challenges. One thematic area of focus is the US/Mexico border.

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